How to Prevent Coronavirus Cheat Sheet


Prepare for the Coronavirus

wash your hands
wash your hands

You could assist decrease your risk, with crystal clear head and easy tips, make your family prepare and make your turn to protect people.

Here’s the cheat sheet and what you could do:

  1. Stay at the house
  2. As going outdoor, be extra careful
  3. Think of wearing a mask in public
  4. Clean and rub your hands with soap. And then wash your hands.
  5. Stay calm, keep on with children and take the flu shot
  6. Stock up on groceries, medication, and supplies

The new coronavirus proceeds to spread globally, with over 1.2 million approved cases and at least 72,000 dead. In the US, there have been at least 350,000 casualties and more than 10,500 deaths, according to a New York Times database.

The coronavirus is spreading very quickly. Older American people in, these with underlying health shapes and those without a social protection net are the most exposed to the infection and to its societal disturbance.

Although life as we know it is clearly off-kilter, there are steps you could take.

The most important thing: Do not panic. With a clear head and some basic tips, you could help lessen your risk, make your family prepared and do your part to protect others.

Stay at house

For humans fortunate are able to stay at the house, being home inside 24 hours a day for months on end is unlike anything any of people has ever experienced. There is a whole new set of stressors and unique experiences lay ahead— on top of the very real boiling pot that can lock-in. But as hard as securing in position could be, recognize that it’s all about grasping you, your loved ones and your neighborhood safe.

As in outside, be extra careful

They are called social distancing or physical distancing which 3-feet and is simply a request to attain far away from other people, even if you have no underlying health situations or coronavirus symptoms. Authorities believe the coronavirus travels through droplets, so restricting your exposure to other people is a good alternative to defending yourself.

Think of wearing a mask in public

Until then, authorities at the CDC had been saying that ordinary people didn’t need to put on masks unless they were ill and coughing. Part of the reason was to maintain medical-grade masks for health care workers who urgently need them at a period when they are in continuously short stocks.

Clean your hands with soap. And then wash them again.

Clean your hands, wash your hands. That splash-under-water flick won’t leave it anymore.

Stay calm, keep on with children and take your flu shot

Recently, there’s little reason for parents to worry about their kids, the authorities say; coronavirus problems in children are rare.

Please Stock up on groceries, medicine and resources in case of shortage

Pile up on a 30-day stock of groceries, house supplies and medicines.


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