3 Important Rules to Use Mask Against Coronavirus

  1. Putting on a medical mask is one of the precautions to stay away spreading off certain respiratory illnesses, including coronavirus, in the affected areas. But, putting on a mask alone is not enough to supply the enough level of protection and other related precautions should be adopted. Should you are going to use a mask, this precaution must be comply with hand hygiene measures to prevent the human-to-human contact of coronavirus.
    3 Important Ways to Use Mask
    3 Important Ways to Use Mask
  2. World Health Organization has improved guidance for home care and health care options on contagion prevention and control policies for use when contagion with coronavirus is suspected.
    Coronavirus from animal possible?
    It is important to use mask against Coronavirus!
  3. Putting on medical masks when not shown may lead to unnecessary consumption, financial burden and make a false allegation of security that can be directed to refusing other important precautions such as hand hygiene practices. Besides, putting on a mask incorrectly could lessen its importance to reduce the risk of spread.

Use of Masks

For most people in the community, PPE such as face masks are not supported. However, for people with indications of an acute respiratory infection, the WHO suggests that there might be a benefit in using a face mask to reduce the spread of infection to other people.

How to correctly wear and remove a face mask

If you are sick or have a job that needs you to be in close contact with people who might have coronavirus, it is suggested you use a face mask. It is essential that face masks are consumed and removed correctly. Masks must fitfully cover your nose and mouth.

How to wear a mask:

  • wash hands with soap and rub with water or use hand sanitizer
  • place over nose, mouth, and chin covering full
  • fit adjustable nose piece over the nostrils bridge
  • secure on the head with ties or flexible
  • adjust to fit – secure on your head, fitting snugly around your face with no gaps
  • avoid touching or adjusting your mask during use.

How to remove a mask:

  • wash hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer
  • avoid touching the front of the mask
  • if the mask has ties, untie the bottom, then top tie
  • remove from face
  • discard, do not use again
  • wash hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer right away.

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